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Powering the Data Centre

Networks & Infrastructure Europe at IP EXPO Europe showcases solutions and strategies for building efficient, future-proof infrastructures. Heads of IT and infrastructure managers can explore all the latest, value-added data centre technologies, from power and cooling to compute equipment and hosting.

Welcome to Networks & infrastructure Europe

  • At Networks & Infrastructure Europe, infrastructure decision makers can learn from the experts how to build leaner, more cost-effective, lower-carbon data centres. The event showcases all the latest data centre solutions – from green power and cooling systems, to high-efficiency hardware and hosting. 

    In the data centre, even a 1% efficiency improvement means big cost savings.

    Networks & Infrastructure Europe is co-located with five other IP EXPO Europe events: Cloud Europe, Cyber Security Europe, Data Analytics Europe, DevOps Europe and Open Source Europe.

  • Design, Power and Cooling

    Even a 1% power saving in your data centre could deliver major cost savings, as well as reducing your carbon emissions. At Data Centre Europe, you can explore all the latest solutions for building a leaner, greener datacentre, from building design solutions, to the latest green power and cooling systems.

    Co-location and Hosting

    For many organisations, outsourcing data centre infrastructure is a way to reduce costs and increase focus on core tasks. If that’s the case in your organisation, Data Centre Europe can help, whether you want to locate your own equipment at a third-party data centre, or rent your entire data centre as a fully managed service.

    Data Centre Infrastructure Manager (DCIM)

    We are entering a new, more efficient age for datacentre management. At Data Centre Europe, you can check out all the latest Data Centre Infrastructure Manager (DCIM) solutions. These deliver major efficiency savings, making it possible to allocate resources efficiently, turn off equipment that isn’t being used, and distribute workloads to maximise server and storage utilisation.

    Software Defined X (SDX)

    In a software-defined world, a myriad of common management tasks can be automated, delivering major time and cost savings. Visit us at Data Centre Europe to find out how software defined processes can help your own organisation to maximise efficiency and streamline your data centre operations.

  • The IP EXPO Europe Tech Clinic

    This year, IP EXPO Europe will be offering all registered visitors FREE, personalised consultancy, tailored to the unique requirements of your business and IT Environment.  With a huge range of exhibitors, specialists, consultants and technologies on offer at the event, we want to ensure you get the most from your day.

    Our consultants are highly qualified and specifically chosen from across the industry with deployment experiences from Commercial, Public Sector and SMB.  The knowledge of our consultants will allow them to advise on technologies that will meet your needs and provide valued insight to your projects.

    Simply drop by on the day.

  • Join us at the Colocation and Managed Hosting Zone, a new addition for Networks & Infrastructure Europe! This is an exclusive area for anyone looking into colocation or hosting and gives you the chance to compare different services and learn from the experts. Join exhibitors and delve into the world of colocation and managed hosting services – examine the types of service on offer, take part in a Q&A and speak to the technologists who know their service inside out. Benefit from the complimentary refreshments, panel debates and industry expertise, and spend half a day evaluating your options.

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